Singular, personal and original

A desOri jewel is a personal and unique object.

At desOri we elaborate jewels enjoying every stage of the creative process. For that reason, each jewel coming out from our atelier is original and unrepeatable.

A desOri jewel is a piece of handcraft that echoes whispers from the past. A memory of life experiences crafted in such a way as to create a harmonic chaos, just like life itself.

Creation process of desOri jewels

In desOri, we deconstruct watches to give them a new life under the shape of pendants. Our creative proposal is based on framing the clock face, which is the most characteristic part of a watch,  with a silver bevel.

Later on, we place the different elements from the clock machinery, which had been hidden till now, on the clock face or dial, thus highlighting them.

  1. We disassemble the clock face and machinery from your watch
  2. We make a silver bevel fitting the clock face. This bevel will be the base.structure for the pendant..
  3. We select the most interesting elements of the machinery and we prepare the design.
  4. Finally we assemble all the parts finishing with the final assembly.

We create unique jewels with watches that you will not use. Original and exclusive soulful pendants.

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08560 Manlleu (BCN)
T. 621 24 70 36